Premium real ales, handcrafted in small batches in East Yorkshire.

Some exciting concoctions are brewing in the depths of the rural shire…

Welcome to the Crafty Little Brewery

Rumours of secret recipes, delectable concoctions and legendary flavour not tasted for generations are spreading across the land – the Crafty Little Brewery has opened its doors.

Some say its beer is conjured up by witches, whilst others assert that ale so delicious can only be crafted on a full moon, deep in the forest, by a herd of mythical beasts.

Of course, there are those who claim there is no magic – just a local family of talented master brewers, passionate about fantastic real ale…

For now, the truth remains shrouded in mystery. Whatever its origins, one thing is clear – the beer that leaves the doors of The Crafty Little Brewery is the tastiest found this side of the wall!

The Brewery

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The Crafty Range…

Keep your wits about you – there’s a Red Tale about.

Sleek, sophisticated and perfectly balanced, the flavour of this deep, ruby red ale will sneak up on you, making itself known in toasted malt notes, earthy undertones and a light, nimble burst of passion fruit, pine and forest berries. Another one lost to the Red Tale!

Don’t worry – one little bite won’t kill you.

Brewed with Pacific Northwest hops, it’s is a classic APA with a complex personality – an intense blend of refreshing fruit, a heady citrus aroma, a touch of pine and a powerful bite. 

Once bitten, you’ll be changed forever.

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