The family-run Crafty Little Brewery has begun developing and trialling its own beer and ale recipes thanks to the purchase of a pilot brewing kit, paid for by the money the company has saved on business rates by being on site at the Humber Enterprise Park.

The company is joint-owned by Dave Snaith and his son in law Nick Tyldsley. Dave and Nick had long dreamed of running their own brewery, and when one named Crystal was put up for sale, they took their chance. Crystal had been at the Humber Enterprise Park since 2014, and when Dave and Nick came to look at the premises, what they saw convinced them to buy out the business.

Dave and Nick have a genuine love of real ale, and pride themselves on trialling and improving their own recipes to ensure that their end product is excellent. They want to sell what they love, and the recent purchase of a pilot brewing kit has allowed them to realise this dream.

A standard brewing kit typically produces a minimum brew of 400 litres, which creates a lot of wastage when trialling new recipes. With the money the company has saved on business rates at the Humber Enterprise Park, a saving worth up to £275,000 over 5 years, Dave and Nick have been able to purchase a pilot brewing kit that allows for brews of 30 litres, which they’ve distributed to friends and family to gauge reactions. If a recipe is a success, Dave and Nick can then produce and sell them on a large scale using their main brewing tanks.

The duo have reported that the Humber Enterprise Park has proven to be the ‘perfect’ site to help get the Crafty Little Brewery off the ground. On top of the significant financial incentives of business rates exemption and low rental rates, they have found the site’s 24/7 security to be a real bonus that provides them with peace of mind that their assets are protected, whilst having an on site maintenance team has meant any issues they have had have been seen to immediately. They even reported that other Humber Enterprise Park tenants have enquired about doing staff tours of the brewery.

The brewery is currently focusing on developing three main beers, a pale ale, a red ale and a stout, and is planning to launch another more experimental brew later down the line which will change with each batch.

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